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Metal working includes all the machining processes of tubes, sheets and profiles of metallic materials such as stainless steel, aluminium and steel, and that without removal of material.This may well be a work of deformation by drawing or folding, for example. This type of operation is performed using a machine tool called a press brake. The two main components of the press brake are the vee (a matrix in a "V" or a "U" shape) and the counter-vee, consisting of the punch. Going down wards, it puts pressure on the workpiece and thus forms the fold.The machining of metallic material in metal working can also be done through shaping. This method combines techniques including punching, cutting and laminating. Punching operations can be performed using an iron worker or even a laser, which in turn is likely to be replaced by other types of machine tools. Namely, those meant for the cutting line valued for its speed of implementation, its precision, no contact with the material, the non-necessity of tooling, material saving and little (if any) deformation on the material.Cheaper than the laser, but no less reliable and completely suitable for cutting work, the plate shear is based on the action of penetration into the metal by an upper blade, while it is fixed to a lower blade. The shape of the cut is obtained as a function of the descent of the upper cutter; if it is inclined, the cutting has the shape of a right-angled triangle, and if the the descent is straight the cutting has the shape of rectangle. Hezel is one of the leading manufacturers of snips.The laser is also used in sintering operations (machine tools of this type are proposed by , for example) and engraving, following the models manufactured by Rofin.Other machine tool used in metal working, the mill allows the reduction of the thickness of a metal and the production of profiled bars. The catalog of the company Mario Di Maio includes such models.Welding machines (manufactured by Castolin and Cloos, among others), spot welders and angles crimping machines are also included in the category of machine tools for machining in metal working, which it is possible to obtain excellent copies on the second-hand market.

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# P1206
Type :

Manufacturer : APM THERMO
Model : ARL XRF-9400
Year :
# P1207
Type :

Manufacturer : APM THERMO
Year :
# 5418
Type :
Welding Machine

Manufacturer : CASTOLIN
Model : CASTOWIG 350 GW
Year : 1999
# 7334P
Type :

Manufacturer : ROFIN
Model : Machine laser CNC à graver - RSM 50 D/II
Year : 2005
Details : CNC machine for laser etching of watchbands
# 7780P
Type :
Plate Shear

Manufacturer : YERSIN
Model : 3R 5.0
Year : 2006